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OECD Forum Latest News - 09/11/2011





Trust: New principles on financial consumer protection

G-20 leaders agreed at the Cannes meeting that integration of financial consumer protection policies into regulatory and supervisory frameworks contributes to strengthening financial stability. They endorsed the high level principles on financial consumer protection prepared by the OECD together with the FSB (Financial Stability Board). The OECD, FSB and other relevant organisations will be requested to report on progress on their implementation to upcoming Summits and develop further guidelines if appropriate.
[A Question of Trust.- Article]

Development: Consultation on a new OECD Strategy for Development
  There is a growing demand from developing countries for OECD expertise, practices, and experiences in a wide range of policies beyond aid and development co-operation. The OECD is adopting a new comprehensive approach to development recognising the institutional conditions in developing countries. By widening partnerships, countries will benefit from mutual learning, greater sharing of policy successes and failures and collective standard setting. The OECD will consult with various stakeholders to develop the strategy over the coming months.
[D for Development - Article]

Education: Measuring student success around the world through PISA
  A test the whole world can take… It's a breathtaking concept – but for the OECD, it's a very real way of finding out how well-prepared today's students are to participate in society. If you're not quite sure what PISA is or does, and you've got about 12 minutes to spare, grab a comfortable chair. This video will help you to understand why the OECD's number-crunchers trigger such intense debate about the state of education around the world every time they release the results of the latest PISA survey. You'll learn a lot—and you won't be tested on any of it!
[The Best Education - Article]

Youth: Launch of a Wikichild
  Wikichild, an interactive, web 2.0 portal within the Wikiprogress platform, focuses on knowledge-sharing for the child well-being community. Responding to the need for a global network in this important area of progress work, the portal draws on expertise from OECD Directorates and organisations from around the world. The OECD is looking forward to keeping work in this area as current and relevant as possible with responses, discussions, data and articles from civil society.

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