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Lettre d'information de la société civile 15, janvier 2010 - 05/01/2010

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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
January 2010
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Update on OECD Consultations

Several consultations with civil society and other stakeholders took place at the OECD in the past few weeks. The Committee for Agriculture consulted CSOs on food and agriculture policy issues; the OECD's Working Party on Export Credits and Credit Guarantees (ECG) and the Participants to the Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits exchanged views with CSOs on export credit issues; the Investment Committee consulted stakeholders on a possible update of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises; the Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development launched a consultation on the draft Principles for Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying and is planning a consultation process on the Public Procurement Toolbox, which will begin in January 2010. You can find more details in an article on recent OECD consultations, meetings and events with civil society.

Green Growth

Green Growth is one of OECD's strategic priorities aiming to holistically address key global challenges, such as climate change and post-crisis recovery. At the Ministerial Council Meeting of June 2009, 34 Ministers from OECD as well as emerging economies signed a Green Growth Declaration and specifically asked the Organisation to develop a Green Growth Strategy. Under the objective to support countries' transition to a greener economy, the OECD will work on a framework for green growth that can enable economic development, prevent environmental degradation and enhance quality of life. The work is prepared through a multi-disciplinary inter-governmental process and is based on the work of 25 OECD Committees engaged in its development. Broad participation and dialogue are key features of the work on green growth in order to foster co-operation with a wide range of stakeholders, including from developing countries, and to integrate their perspectives throughout all the steps of the process. Meetings and thematic workshops with environmental and other NGOs will be organised during the strategy's preparation to inform them on progress made and to obtain their views and inputs. This will complement their regular consultations or participation in the work of the Committees that are developing the inputs into this work. For more information on Green Growth, please visit: www.oecd.org/greengrowth

New OECD Insights blog

OECD Insights is a series of books that uses OECD analysis and data to introduce some of today's most pressing social and economic issues - explaining them in a way that is clear and comprehensible. The Insights blog gives you a first look, and more importantly a voice in shaping those explanations. For more information on the OECD Insights blog, please visit: http://oecdinsights.org

Launch of Integrity Framework Review of the Federal Government of Brazil

In October 2009, the OECD launched an Integrity Framework Review of the Federal Government of Brazil due for completion in end 2010. OECD Integrity Framework Reviews help policy makers improve policies, adopt good practices and implement established principles and standards. It entails a comparison with practices and lessons learned in OECD and non-OECD member countries. In Spring 2010 the OECD will conduct field missions in Brazil to examine the federal government's integrity management systems. The field missions, and the Review more broadly, will seek dialogue with civil society on the impact and effectiveness of the Federal Government's efforts to enhance integrity and prevent corruption in the public sector. For more information on the OECD work on country's integrity frameworks, please visit: www.oecd.org/gov/ethics/integrityframework or contact the OECD Integrity Unit at: gov.integrity@oecd.org.

OECD Joint Learning Studies in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region

Involvement of the civil society is a key feature of the Joint Learning Studies JLS launched in 2008. These peer reviews support MENA countries in pint-pointing where corruption risks lie in their public sector, what is the possible impact of these risks and what are the potential policy responses. Joint Learning Studies focus on priorities identified by MENA countries, including integrity in public procurement (Morocco, Yemen), preventive anti-corruption bodies (Morocco) and implementation of code of conduct in the public administration (Jordan, Mauritania). Active participation of civil society representatives in field mission interviews, in the consultations process of the JLS report and in the dissemination of its findings showed benefits: it created a new context of policy dialogue between national stakeholders. For further details of the OECD Joint Learning Studies at: www.oecd.org/gov/ethics/jls or contact the OECD Integrity Unit at gov.integrity@oecd.org.

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28 OECD Global Forum on Development 2010 on domestic resource mobilisation
The Global Forum on Development (GFD) will be held in Paris on 28th January 2010. Organised jointly by the OECD Development Centre, Development Co-operation Directorate, and Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, this year's Forum will focus on Domestic Resource Mobilisation for Development: The Taxation Challenge. Academics and think tanks composing the Development Finance Network (DeFiNe) as well as other civil society and private sector representatives will participate along with OECD experts and government representatives. DeFiNe will bring its expertise to the debate, particularly with regards to fiscal policies.

Recent OECD Publications

Educational Research and Innovation
Higher Education to 2030, Volume 2, Globalisation

This book examines what challenges and opportunities globalisation is bringing to higher education, and as a consequence, how education might look in the future. Now available from the Online Bookshop.



Transport Energy and CO2 : Moving towards Sustainability

Car ownership is set to triple by 2050, trucking activity will double and air travel could increase fourfold. This book examines how to enable mobility without accelerating climate change. Now available from the Online Bookshop.


Government at a Glance 2009

A new, biennial publication, Government at a Glance provides over 30 indicators describing OECD governments' performance. It compares their political and institutional frameworks, provides data on revenues, expenditures and employment, and indicators on openness, integrity, and e-government. Now available from the Online Bookshop.

OECD in Figures 2009

OECD's original, simple to use, pocket-sized data book. As ever, this year's edition contains key data on the OECD-wide economy, society and the environment. There are comparable tables covering the entire spectrum of the organisation's work. Now available from the Online Bookshop. The e-Book - PDF format is Free. Also sold as a subscription.

The Financial Crisis
Reform and Exit Strategies

The financial crisis required governments to make massive interventions in their financial systems. This book sets out priorities for reforming incentives in financial markets as well as for phasing out these emergency measures. Now available from the Online Bookshop.



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Fwd: Titres du jour : Ceux qui défient le pouvoir en Iran - Tentative de meurtre contre l'auteur d'une caricature de Mahomet - Les députés afghans rejettent le cabinet de Karzaï

samedi 2 janvier 2010
De la contestation électorale à la revendication des libertés dans la rue : en six mois est née une opposition populaire aux autorités de Téhéran.
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Le parlement afghan a rejeté 17 des 24 noms de ministres présentés mi-décembre par le président Hamid Karzaï.
Médiation, réponse policière graduée, implication des habitants des quartiers : sur le terrain, des maires innovent.
La police danoise a ouvert le feu et blessé un Somalien qui tentait de s'introduire vendredi soir dans le domicile du dessinateur Kurt Westergaard.

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