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Recrutement en philosophie à l'Université de Poitiers

Recrutement en philosophie à l'Université de Poitiers

L’Université de Poitiers, dans le cadre de la campagne 2011, recrutera trois collègues en philosophie. Ces trois postes seront rattachés au Centre de recherches sur Hegel et l’Idéalisme allemand (EA 2626) :
- Professeur des universités (section 17)
Libellé du poste : Philosophie allemande. Esthétique

Profil du poste
Comité de sélection
Enseignement : Département de philosophie de Poitiers
- Maître de conférences (section 17)
Libellé du poste : Éthique et philosophie sociale

Profil du poste
Comité de sélection
Enseignement : Département de philosophie de Poitiers
- Maître de conférences (sections 17 et 70)
Libellé du poste : Philosophie morale et politique

Profil du poste
Comité de sélection
Enseignement : IUFM Poitiers/Angoulème

Debating Public Reason (University of Poitiers)


Debating Public Reason
International symposium
Date : November 2011, 4th & 5th
Location : University of Poitiers

Call for papers

500 words (maximum) abstracts should be submitted via email (colloque.poitiers@gmail.com), in French or English, by June 15, 2011. Please insert "Public Reason symposium proposal" as subject line. Along with your submission, please attach a short biography, including your contact information, selected publications, and affiliation.


The philosophical tradition has questioned the epistemological and pragmatic superiority of the public use of reason compared to its private use since Hobbes and Kant. The idea of public reason is experiencing a broad revival of interest in the practical field, including that of political praxis. Due to John Rawls and Jürgen Habermas, it has become a central idea of contemporary political theory. The growing attention to the concept of public reason is connected to an attempt to refound political legitimacy and is thereby often the basis for a renewal of democratic theories. This is especially the case for deliberative democracy which can be considered to constitute a real "turning point". The impossibility for social order to refer to a transcendent foundation has led to an emphasis on public justification, bringing the legitimacy issue to the heart of the public sphere and opening a broad reflection on the elaboration of norms of justification. In this context, public reason would participate in a process of improvement of public institutions. However, can and shall it define, even as a regulative ideal, the exercise of democratic citizenship ? Debating public reason has been rendered necessary by the very characteristics of modern societies. In democracies that are essentially open and multicultural societies, public reason would allow for the coexistence of a plurality of values. The recognition of the 'fact of pluralism' is actually a key element of reflection about public reason. Would it not be eliminated however by the very modalities of its exercise ? What validity can we attribute to its underlying anthropological assumptions ? This issue is widely debated and some critics consider that public reason gives rise to a logic of exclusion. The importance given to rational argumentation would expel a large number of participants from discussion, in particular minority groups (based on gender, ethnicity, culture). Isn't it possible that, by restricting upstream public expression, the demand of consistent consensus (and not of a mere a modus vivendi) corresponds to an avoidance of conflicts under the pretext of social stability ? Similarly, the specific rationality inherent in public reason could unduly exclude other forms of rationality. What is the relevance of the criterion of distinction between public and non-public reasons ? Should we, among other things, accommodate a place for emotions in the process of justification ? The question of appealing to alternative discursive models then challenges the understanding of public reason, especially in its procedural dimension. To what extent the ideal of public reason could be transformed and can it actually incorporate the criticisms raised ?

The objective of the symposium is to better grasp the various stakes involved in the idea of public reason and determine to what extent it can constitute an operational tool. Some points of reflection emerge which are not restrictive :
- Public Reason and the conceptions of the good
- Procedural rationality and public reason modalities
- Public Reason and social conflict


This international symposium addresses primarily to Phd students and post-doctoral researchers. The program consists of two days, with an introduction and a conclusion made by a senior researcher during a one hour intervention. Each senior researcher will have the task of supervising one panel in which the young researchers will speak, and to initiate discussion. Three panels of one and a half hour each will take place in each day. Each panel will permit to two or three young researchers to make a presentation of twenty minutes.

We are planning to organize a publication of these interventions.

Organizing Committee :
- Pauline Colonna d'Istria, Phd Student, Université de Poitiers, CRHIA
- Naël Desaldeleer, Phd Student, Université de Poitiers, CRHIA
- Jean Nestor, Phd Student, Université de Poitiers, CRHIA
- Thierry Ngosso, Phd Student, Université Catholique de Louvain, chaire Hoover
- Cédric Rio, Phd Student, Université de Poitiers, CRHIA

Scientific Committee :
- Catherine Audard, Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
- Alain Caillé, Professor, Université Paris X Nanterre, France
- Sophie Guérard de Latour, Lecturer, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, France
- Roberto Merrill, Research Fellow, Université de Braga, Portugal
- Hervé Pourtois, Professor, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgique
- Patrick Savidan, Professor, Université de Poitiers, France
- Etienne Tassin, Professor, Université Paris VII – Denis Diderot


Under construction

How to get there

Under construction

For further information, please send an e-mail to colloque.poitiers@gmail.com

This symposium is organized in the frame of the CRHIA of the Poitiers University, with the help of the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société of Poitiers. In partnership with the Hoover chair of Université Catholique de Louvain.

Roberto Merrill
Researcher in political philosophy at CEHUM, Portugal
Homepage : http://sites.google.com/site/nrbmerrill/

MayDay Porto Acção Divulgação 2009

Mistérios de Lisboa

Spot Tv 4 PT from Clap Filmes on Vimeo.

Bit of friendly advice, Portugal

Bit of friendly advice, Portugal

Dear Portugal, this is Ireland here. I know we don't know each other very well, though I hear some of our developers are down with you riding out the recession.

They could be there for a while. Anyway, I don't mean to intrude but I've been reading about you in the papers and it strikes me that I might be able to offer you a bit of advice on where you are at and what lies ahead. As the joke now goes, what's the difference between Portugal and Ireland? Five letters and six months.

Anyway, I notice now that you are under pressure to accept a bailout but your politicians are claiming to be determined not to take it. It will, they say, be over their dead bodies. In my experience that means you'll be getting a bailout soon, probably on a Sunday. First let me give you a tip on the nuances of the English language. Given that English is your second language, you may think that the words 'bailout' and 'aid' imply that you will be getting help from our European brethren to get you out of your current difficulties. English is our first language and that's what we thought bailout and aid meant. Allow me to warn you, not only will this bailout, when it is inevit-ably forced on you, not get you out of your current troubles, it will actually prolong your troubles for generations to come.

For this you will be expected to be grateful. If you want to look up the proper Portuguese for bailout, I would suggest you get your English-Portuguese dictionary and look up words like: moneylending, usury, subprime mortgage, rip-off. This will give you a more accurate translation of what will be happening you.

I see also that you are going to change your government in the next couple of months. You will forgive me that I allowed myself a little smile about that. By all means do put a fresh coat of paint over the subsidence cracks in your economy. And by all means enjoy the smell of fresh paint for a while.

We got ourselves a new Government too and it is a nice diversion for a few weeks. What you will find is that the new government will come in amidst a slight euphoria from the people. The new government will have made all kinds of promises during the election campaign about burning bondholders and whatnot and the EU will smile benignly on while all that loose talk goes on.

Then, when your government gets in, they will initially go out to Europe and throw some shapes. You might even win a few sports games against your old enemy, whoever that is, and you may attract visits from foreign dignitaries like the Pope and that. There will be a real feel-good vibe in the air as everyone takes refuge in a bit of delusion for a while.

And enjoy all that while you can, Portugal. Because reality will be waiting to intrude again when all the fun dies down. The upside of it all is that the price of a game of golf has become very competitive here. Hopefully the same happens down there and we look forward to seeing you then.
Love, Ireland.

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Resumo - 2º Período

Resumo de Psicologia - 2º Período

Bolsa de Investigação

EDITAL N.º 8/2011

Aceitam-se candidaturas a uma Bolsa de Investigação (BI), a atribuir no âmbito do projecto de investigação Entre a escola e a família: conhecimentos e práticas alimentares das crianças em idade escolar (Referência PTDC/CS-SOC/111214/2009), financiado pela Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) e em curso no Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa, sob a coordenação da Doutora Mónica Truninger.

1 – Legislação aplicável: Lei n.º 40/2004, de 18 de Agosto, e Regulamento de Bolsas do Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa.

2 – Coordenação do Projecto: Doutora Mónica Truninger.

3 – Duração da Bolsa: 6 meses (renovável por mais 6 meses, e depois por períodos de 12 meses até o máximo de 36 meses).

4 – Montante da bolsa e modo de pagamento: 745€, com pagamento mensal, de acordo com a tabela de valores das Bolsas de Investigação atribuídas pela FCT (http://alfa.fct.mctes.pt/apoios/bolsas/valores.phtml.pt), estando também previsto o pagamento de seguro de acidentes pessoais e seguro social voluntário.

5 – Instituição de acolhimento: Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa.

6 – Orientação e actividades a desenvolver: A orientação caberá à coordenadora do projecto e o bolseiro colaborará nas respectivas actividades de pesquisa, designadamente pesquisa bibliográfica, condução de grupos de foco e entrevistas em Lisboa, Trás-os-Montes e Madeira, transcrição de entrevistas, tratamento de dados, apoio a conferências e edições do projecto, participação na redacção de relatórios e de artigos científicos.

7 – Requisitos de admissão: Licenciatura em Sociologia, Antropologia ou Geografia Humana ou noutra área similar dentro das Ciências Sociais. São ainda requisitos preferenciais:
a)      Experiência em projectos de investigação ou com investigação que verse sobre os temas teóricos do projecto;
b)     Competências em análise de dados qualitativa e/ou análise de entrevistas;
c)      Familiaridade ou interesse pelos temas envolvidos no projecto;
d)     Interesse em obter formação superior (mestrado) na área temática do projecto;
e)      Domínio da língua inglesa
f)       Disponibilidade imediata

8 – Publicitação e prazo de apresentação de candidaturas: O presente Edital é publicitado, em versão integral, no site do ICS e no Portal Eracareers. Nos termos das Normas da FCT, a recepção de candidaturas inicia-se 10 dias após a publicitação do presente Edital no Portal Eracareers, decorrendo o prazo de candidaturas de 6 a 19 de Abril.

9 – Formalização das Candidaturas: As candidaturas deverão ser acompanhadas de Curriculum Vitae pormenorizado, cópias de certificado/s de habilitações e do bilhete de identidade ou passaporte e uma cópia de um texto relevante escrito pelo próprio(a) (um artigo científico, a tese de licenciatura ou outro) e uma Carta de Intenções, com indicação sintética das razões pelas quais se pretende candidatar e das capacidades com que pensa poder contribuir para o projecto (máximo: 1 página).

10 – Selecção: A selecção dos candidatos será efectuada por um júri constituído pela coordenadora do projecto e por dois outros investigadores do ICS, com base na avaliação curricular, eventualmente complementada por entrevista.

11 – Morada de envio das candidaturas: As candidaturas podem ser entregues pessoalmente ou enviadas pelo correio ou e-mail para o Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa (com a referência “Concurso de Bolsas de Investigação n.º 8/2011”) para a Avenida Professor Aníbal de Bettencourt, 9 – 1600-189 LISBOA ou para o e-mail instituto.ciencias.sociais@ics.ul.pt devendo ser recebidas dentro do prazo acima referido. Caso as candidaturas sejam enviadas por e-mail, os documentos supra indicados devem ser digitalizados para anexar ao processo.

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O Director

Doutor Jorge Vala

A la Une de l'OCDE - Février 2011 - 28/03/2011


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Energy Transition for Industry: India and the Global Context Document de travail New report gives green light to the feasibility of halving carbon emissions from new cars by 2030 Communiqué de presse | Document (3.29 Mb) Countries must act now to achieve a secure and cleaner energy future, says IEA's Executive Director at World Future Energy Summit. Communiqué de presse



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Corporate Governance - Corporate Governance in Chile 2010
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Royaume-Uni : le Président du Groupe de travail sur la corruption préoccupé par le retard pris dans l'entrée en vigueur d'une nouvelle loi. Communiqué de presse A Market Perspective on the European Sovereign Debt and Banking CrisisPre-publication copy of a Financial Market Trends article to be published shortly Annonce (348 Kb) Central Asia: More diversified and competitive economies would attract investors, says Central Asia Competitiveness Outlook Document (1.13 Mb) Reform on Pension Fund Governance and Management - The 1998 Reform of Korea National Pension Fund. Document de travail Systemic Financial Risks: agent based models to understand the leverage cycle on national scales and its consequences Document (1.13 Mb)



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Lutter contre la planification fiscale agressive par l'amélioration de la transparence et de la communication de renseignements Rapport

Tax Administration in OECD and Selected Non-OECD Countries: Comparative Information Series Rapport (4.77 Mb)



Suisse : de meilleures politiques régionales peuvent améliorer l'économie nationale. A lire dans Examens territoriaux de l'OCDE: Suisse, 2011 Communiqué de presse | Annonce | Librairie en ligne |
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Santé : l'espérance de vie s'allonge et les dépenses augmentent dans la région Asie-Pacifique. Communiqué de presse | Annonce | Librairie en ligne | Bibliothèque en ligne OECD iLibrary Titre en anglais uniquement

Mortality Amenable to Health Care in 31 OECD Countries - Estimates and Methodological Issues Document de travail

Pandemics - background paper for OECD's Future Global Shocks project Document (2.51 Mb)



Workforce Skills and Innovation - An Overview of Major Themes in the Literature Document de travail



Panorama des comptes nationaux 2010. Librairie en ligne |
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Statistiques de l'OCDE sur les échanges internationaux de services 2010, Volume I, Tableaux détaillés par catégories de services.
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Prix à la consommation de l'OCDE : La hausse des prix de l'énergie porte l'inflation annuelle dans la zone OCDE à 2.1%. Dernier communiqué

Developing Societal Progress Indicators - A Practical Guide
Document de travail

Hedonic Price Indexes for Housing Document de travail

Measuring the Progress of Societies: Wikiprogress Newsletter No. 8 Newsletter (1.14 Mb)

OECD Statistics Brief No. 15 includes articles on the value and use of trade microdata showing company characteristics. Statistics Brief



Geomagnetic Storms - background paper for OECD's Future Global Shocks project Document (1.87 Mb) Reducing Systemic Cybersecurity Risk - background paper for OECD's Future Global Shocks project Document (1.45 Mb) The economic impact of shutting down Internet and mobile phone services in Egypt Annonce



Économie : des marchés du logement en bonne marche sont essentiels à la stabilité et à la croissance Communiqué de presse | Document (879 Kb) Espagne : le Secrétaire général de l'OCDE salue le plan de réforme des retraites. Communiqué de presse Les nouvelles sources de croissance : table ronde Article

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Time is opportune for reforms to boost growth and reduce inequality in Colombia says OECD assessment Annonce | Rapport (908 Kb)

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  • No.832 : Making the Dutch Pension System Less Vulnerable to Financial Crises
  • No.833 : Improving the Flexibility of the Dutch Housing Market to Enhance Labour Mobility
  • No.834 : The GDP Impact of Reform - A Simple Simulation Framework
  • No.835 : Raising Potential Growth After the Crisis - A Quantitative Assessment of the Potential Gains from Various Structural Reforms in the OECD Area and Beyond
  • No.836 : Housing Markets and Structural Policies in OECD Countries
  • No.837 : The Price Responsiveness of Housing Supply in OECD Countries
  • No.838 : Raising Education Outcomes in Switzerland
  • No.839 : Increasing Public Sector Efficiency in Slovakia
  • No.840 : Policies Towards a Sustainable Use of Water in Spain
  • No.841 : Enhancing the Cost-Effectiveness of Climate Change Mitigation Policies in Sweden
  • No.842 : Limiting Long-Term Unemployment and Non-Participation in Sweden



Nouveau site du International Transport Forum. Site

Apply Now for the 2011 Young Researcher of the Year Award! (Transport Research Prize of International Transport Forum at the OECD)
Improving the Practice of Cost Benefit Analysis in Transport
Document de travail
Prizeworthy: Mobility Solutions that Put People First: 2011 Transport Achievement Award Call for Application. Annonce Road Safety 2010 presents detailed statistical information for 32 countries. Rapport (6.85 Mb)



Greening Household Behaviour Liste des résumés

Skills for Innovation and Research Liste des résumés

Linkages between Agricultural Policies and Environmental Effects Liste des résumés

Pensions at a Glance 2011 Liste des résumés

Better Policies to Support Eco-innovation Liste des résumés



Compétitivité et développement du secteur privé: Maroc 2010 Stratégie de développement du climat des affaires Librairie en ligne

Éliminer la paperasserie Pourquoi la simplification administrative est-elle si difficile? Perspectives au-delà de 2010 Librairie en ligne

Études économiques de l'OCDE : Espagne 2010 Librairie en ligne

Études économiques de l'OCDE : Portugal 2010 Librairie en ligne

Études économiques de l'OCDE : Slovénie 2011 Librairie en ligne

Évaluation des réformes de la politique agricole aux États-Unis Librairie en ligne

Guide OCDE sur le devoir de diligence pour des chaînes d'approvisionnement responsables en minerais provenant de zones de conflit ou à haut risque Librairie en ligne

Impacts Environnementaux de la Navigation Le Rôle des Ports Librairie en ligne

Principes de l'OCDE pour renforcer l'intégrité dans les marchés publics Librairie en ligne

OECD Economic Surveys: Slovenia 2011 Librairie en ligne

Pensions at a Glance 2011 Librairie en ligne

Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education - Lessons from PISA for the United States Librairie en ligne

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