domingo, 20 de março de 2011

Valores e Competências Profissionais dos Professores (Irlanda do Norte)

Professional Competences

The Council has published the new professional competences for teachers in Northern Ireland - Teaching: the Reflective Profession
The 27 teacher competences have been organised within 3 broad areas within the document:
  • Professional Values and Practice
  • Professional Knowledge and Understanding
  • Professional Skills and Application
Each competence has also been delineated by way of phase exemplars, across each phase of teacher education:
- inital teacher education
- induction
- early professional development
- continuing professional development, collaborative practice and school improvement
The Council's Code of Values and Professional Practice has also been included as an integral element of the competence model.

The philosophy and understanding that underpins the Council's approach to teacher competences is also described in Teaching: The Reflective Profession.
Code of Values and Professional Practice

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