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Education World Lesson Planning Newsletter -- Volume 10, Issue 46



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PCI Education has been developing materials for the special education and struggling learner population for nearly 20 years.  These materials are designed with special attention to reading level, age appropriate interest level and presentation, simplicity of directions, visual supports, font size, the number of activities on each page, and the number of practice opportunities provided for each skill. 
In addition to these products, PCI Education distributes materials from other publishers that are proven to be successful with struggling learners and are selected to allow for implementation of scaffolding strategies within the classroom. 

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Volume 10, Issue 46
November 12, 2008

Native American Heritage Month
November is National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month -- the perfect time to explore Education World's resources on the history and culture of America's original inhabitants. Included: Lessons for recognizing America’s Indian roots.

"Gobble, gobble, gobble...." Increase your students' knowledge and skills when you use turkeys as a teaching theme. Plus teaching the real story of the First Thanksgiving, much more.

Reading Fun
Are you looking for a special project that will excite your students about reading? In this archive, we have gathered dozens of Education World articles that offer unique lessons and ideas for teachers of reading at all levels. Make every week Book Week with these fun and "novel" reading lesson ideas.

Geography Awareness Week
Geography lessons can make a "world" of difference in students' knowledge of the world and in their test scores. That's because geography is multidisciplinary by nature. Our archive presents geography lessons that teach geography as well as math, language, and cultural literacy. Included: Dozens of lessons for Geography Awareness Week, November 16-22, 2008.

Lesson Plan of the Day
Click the link above to see dozens of recent Lesson Plans of the Day, including the five lessons below that were posted last week.
Turkey Bulletin Boards - Two fun displays. (Grades K-5)
Lewis and Clark's Journey - A timeline activity. (3-12)
Smoking's Dangers - Just in time for the Smokeout, Nov.20. (K-12)
Gettysburg Address - Compare Lincoln’s draft vs. final version. (6-12)
Design a Navajo Rug - A lesson in symmetry. (3-8)

Best Books for
Teaching About...

Click the links below for some great books for teaching about these timely topics.

Best Books for Teaching About... Colonial America

Best Books for Teaching About... The Dangers of Smoking
Thank you for buying your books at the discounted rates offered in the EducationWorld/
SchoolNotes Book Store
, powered by Amazon. Buying books from our bookstore helps us maintain Education World as a free resource for educators.
See more great books for students and classroom teaching themes.

Friday Fun
Take students on the playground to measure the Mayflower.

Learning Game of the Week
“Musical Spelling Words” is a variation on musical chairs.

News for Kids
National Turkey Off to Disneyland
What happens to the National Thanksgiving Turkey after the president gives it a pardon?

Vicki Cobb’s Show-Biz Science
Teach about resistance with this "drag race" between a coin and a stamp.

Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks
Math Games With Joanne and Jane

This week: “Adding War.”

Early Childhood Center
* Rhyme Time
This week's poem for Early Childhood educators:
Giving Thanks
* Early Childhood Teaching Themes
The Many Faces of Thankfulness
Giving Thanks
More About Thanksgiving

Reader's Theater
Anansi and the Yam Hills
A spell (cast by an angry woman with magical powers) turns out to be Anansi’s undoing -- and teaches us all a lesson about greed.

Tech Lesson of the Week
An Attitude of Gratitude
Middle-school students identify unusual things they're thankful for, and then use digital content to represent those things on a PowerPoint slide.

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