sexta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2014

W. James III

“Let me repeat once more that a man's vision is the great fact about him. Who cares for Carlyle's reasons, or Schopenhauer's, or Spencer's? A philosophy is the expression of a man's intimate character, and all definitions of the universe are but the deliberately adopted reactions of human characters upon it. In the recent book from which I quoted the words of Professor Paulsen, a book of successive chapters by various living german philosophers,[4] we pass from one idiosyncratic personal atmosphere into another almost as if we were turning over a photograph album.”

Excerto de: William James. “A Pluralistic Universe.” iBooks.

À medida que vou estudando ou aprofundando os meus conhecimentos sobre o pensamento do autor, vou publicando algumas citações. Faço assim porque, na verdade, ninguém é obrigado a ler o que aqui se reproduz.

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