terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2007


Dear ISEI Members,

At the recent conference in Zagreb, Croatia, the ISEI Coordinating Committee agreed to move ahead with a project that would establish a Professional Training Resource Library (PTRL) as part of ISEI’s activities. The PTRL is a joint project with the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD). This resource library will contain a wide variety of materials that can be used for professional training in the field of early intervention. Materials we anticipate being included in the database are curricula, digital videos, assessment tools, case studies, etc. We now have nearly 200 reviewers from both the ISEI and AUCD networks who have agreed to ensure that the materials included in the PTRL are current and appropriate.

Since the Zagreb meeting, we have worked hard to prepare the project to make it as efficient and useful as possible. In particular, we have thoroughly revised the website and tested it with a variety of materials. In so doing, we have solved any number of technical problems, given the wide variety of materials that we expect the PTRL to house. In addition, I have recently hired an individual to coordinate this project. Her role is to communicate directly with those contributing materials and also edit those materials, if needed, getting them ready for the website, organizing reviews, gathering user feedback, and a variety of related tasks. I think we have everything pretty much in place at this time.

Accordingly, I am very pleased to announce the official launching of this project, and I would very much appreciate it if you would identify any materials (and their authors) which you think would be appropriate for the PTRL. Our staff here will then contact those individuals. Alternatively, you can certainly encourage these individuals to go to the ISEI website [http://depts.washington.edu/isei/], click on the PTRL link, and follow the directions to submit materials. As materials are approved and listed in the PTRL, users can then utilize specific and keyword searches to find submissions of interest. We will be spending the next few months populating the database, with plans to activate the search mechanism in early 2008. Additionally, submission specific feedback can be submitted via the PTRL web page. The process is really quite straightforward.

Best regards,

Mike Guralnick

Chair, ISEI

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