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Phenomenology and Education


Educational Philosophy and Theory

Phenomenology and Education

Educational Philosphy and Theory

Special Issue, February 2009
Guest Editor:
Gloria Dall’ Alba
The time of ‘systems’ is over. The time of re-building the essential shaping of beings according to the truth of be-ing has not yet arrived. In the meantime, in crossing to an other beginning, philosophy has to have achieved one crucial thing: projecting-open, i.e., the grounding enopening of the free-play of the time-space of the truth of be-ing. How is this one thing to be accomplished?
(Heidegger, 1999: 4)

Phenomenology has had a significant impact in the history of modern Western philosophy beginning perhaps with Husserl and developed in different ways by Heidegger before being taken up by a range of thinkers that have shaped philosophy, sociology and anthropology in the modern era. This special issue on Phenomenology and Education sees contributions from Max Van Manen and Catherine Adams, Robyn Barnacle, Angus Brook, Krishnaventi Ganeson and Lisa French.

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Editorial: Heidegger, Phenomenology, Education
Michael A. Peters

Phenomenology and Education: An Introduction
Gloria Dall’Alba
The Phenomenology of Space in Writing Online
Max Van Manen and Catherine Adams
Gut Instinct: The body and learning
Robyn Barnacle
Learning Professional Ways of Being: Ambiguities of becoming
Glora Dall’Alba
The Potentiality of Authenticity in Becoming a Teacher
Angus Brook
Transition into High School: A phenomenological study
Krishnaveni Ganeson and Lisa C. Ehrich
Revisiting the Task/Acheivement Analysis of Teaching in Neo-Liberal Times
James D. Marshall
Virtue, Reason, and the False Public Voice: Catharine Macaulay’s Philosophy of Moral Education
Connie Titone
Notes on Contributors
Educational Philosophy and Theory
Published on behalf of the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia
Edited by:
Michael A. Peters


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