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January 2009 / IPSA Newsletter


International Political Science Association/
Association internationale de science politique
January 2009 Newsletter
IPSA News*
*IPSA World Congress:
Membership & Registration Deadline*
World Congress
Based on registration statistics from past World Congresses of Political Science, *there is no non-member registration fee for the 2009 World Congress of Political Science*. Please note that:
* Participants must be members in good standing of IPSA through 2009 to register.
* Paper presenters must register and pay in full by March 1, 2009,
for their names to appear in the printed Congress program. Please
renew your membership by February 9, 2009, to avoid registration
For details on membership benefits and costs, please go to the ___IPSA website <,en/>___.
* Global South Solidarity Fund
*Global South Solidarity FundBe generous by giving to the IPSA Global South Solidarity Fund.
More information...
*Mise en ligne du site Internet des Archives Virtuelles de l'AFSP*
* *
L'Association Française de Science Politique est heureuse de vous
proposer un nouveau site web consacré aux Archives virtuelles de l'AFSP.
Ce site ouvert l'année de notre 60ème anniversaire est l'une des
manifestations commémoratives qui entend fêter, de manière collective et réflexive, la création officielle de l'AFSP en 1949.
Nous vous inviterons, tous les 28 du mois, de janvier à juin, à
redécouvrir une décennie de l'histoire de l'AFSP. De sorte que le 28
juin prochain - date anniversaire officielle du dépôt des statuts de
l'AFSP auprès des services de la Préfecture de Police de Paris -,
l'ensemble du site des Archives virtuelles de l'AFSP sera ouvert au
public et relatera l'intégralité des événements qui parcourent soixante ans d'histoire associative, scientifique et disciplinaire.
Pour l'heure, nous vous proposons de découvrir les pages consacrées aux premières années d'activités de l'AFSP :
- Le moment fondateur 1948-1949,
- La création de la Revue Française de Science Politique en 1951 et Les "années folles" (1949-1958).
Pour plus d'informations:,en/
*Lancement du site Internet de la revue Pouvoirs*
Revue PouvoirsLancement du site internet de la revue Pouvoirs, codirigée par Olivier Duhamel, Marc Guillaume et Claire Zalc.
Le site,, rassemble plus de 800 documents à télécharger (les numéros depuis 1994; intégralement gratuits au-delà d'une barrière mobile de 3 ans), permet d'utiliser un moteur de recherche plein texte, un index des auteurs, etc.; l'accès aux chroniques de Pierre Avril et Jean Gicquel ainsi qu'aux "repères étrangers" est intégral et gratuit sur l'ensemble de la période; quelques vidéos d'évènements organisés à Sciences-Po sont également en ligne.
* /Journal of Power/** *
*The New Journal of Research Committee 36 on Political Power*
Publication Cover
Since Aristotle's classification of political systems, power has been
among the most central and hotly debated themes of the social sciences.
Yet, despite its importance, there has been little consensus on what constitutes the essence of power. The raison d'être of */Journal of Power/, *in part, is to capitalize on debates concerning power.
* In political science, there has been ongoing debate, from Dahl to
Lukes and, most recently, between followers of Foucauldian
perspectives and more modernist viewpoints. These have centred on the contrast between power as agency and the manner in which
social consciousness creates conditions for action or varying
capacities. In a related discipline such as International
Relations, the terrain is sharply divided between those who view
power solely in terms of material resources, and those who argue
that it is defined by ideas and perceptions---a debate between
so-called "realists" and "idealists."' A similar division is found
in political-sociology, where some theorists focus on power as
legitimacy and authority, while others insist on viewing it in
Machiavellian terms of war and deceit.
* In political philosophy, the key division lies between those who
consider power as defined by its exercise, effects, intentions and
potentialities. In rational choice theory, the debate is between
those who see power positionally, almost as a form of luck, and
those who see it as episodic.
* In contrast to the above, power, in anthropology, is theorized on
the level of ritual and ceremony.
* In sociology, there is a clear division between scholars with
Marxist leanings who define power in terms of class or economy,
and Weberian scholars who link power with authority and domination.
* In feminist literature, the debate is dominated by social
constructivists and their accounts of gender, and scholars who
place the emphasis squarely on violence and material resources.
A common thread in all of these debates is the fundamental contrast between a negative view of power as domination, and a positive view of power as an essential condition for autonomy. In short, key debates in the social sciences are centred on the theme of power, and */Journal of Power /*is intended to reflect this.
As well as a forum for theoretical debate, */Journal of Power/* is a
primary outlet for persons doing empirical work on relations of power and powerlessness. The Journal welcomes empirical analysis of processes central to the constitution of power (i.e. globalization, ethnicity, nationalism, war and gender), regardless of whether they are conceptualized as domination or empowerment.
For more information or to consult the issues index go to the Routledge website <>.
*Books by Members* Representing Women in Parliament*Representing Women in Parliament. A
Comparative Study* *
*Edited by Marian Sawer, Manon Tremblay and Linda Trimble
For more information...
*Additional references:*
IPSA Website <>
International Political Science Review <>
International Political Science Abstracts <>
*Upcoming Events (February & March):*
02-07/02/2009: Winter Academy 2009
<,en/> (Prague, Czech Republic)
05-06/02/2009: APSA Conference for Chairs
<,en/> (Baltimore, U.S.)
06/02/2009: AFSP 8e Salon des thèses
<,en/> (Paris, France)
06-08/02/2009: APSA Teaching and Learning Conference
<,en/> (Baltimore, U.S.)
12/03/2009: CDAS Workshop, Citizenship and Ethnicity
<,en/> (Montreal, Canada)
19-20/03/2009: Doing Politics/Acting Politically: An International
Workshop on The Political Dimension of Situated Practices
<,en/> (Freiburg, Switzerland)
Download the current issue of Participation (Adobe Acrobat)
*Call for papers:*
Combined international conference on child labour, abuse and neglect Venue: Andalusia, U.S. & London, UK
Date: March 24-27, 2009 & March 30-April 2, 2009
More information... <,en/>
Fences and Walls in International Relations
Venue: Montreal, Canada
Date: April 1, 2009
Application deadline: February 15, 2009
More information... <,en/>
The APT Conference 2009
Venue: Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, U.S.
Date: October 22-24, 2009
Application deadline: February 15, 2009
More information... <,en/>
The 5th Russian Congress of Political Science
Organizer: Russian Political Science Association
Venue: Moscow, Russia
Date: November 26-29, 2009
Application deadline: February, 20, 2009
More information... <,en/>
8th Belgian-Dutch Political Science Conference
Venue: Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Date: May 28-29, 2009
Application deadline: March 1, 2009
More information... <,en/>
4th Hellenic Observatory PhD Symposium on Contemporary Greece and Cyprus
Venue: Hellenic Observatory, European Institute, London School of
Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
Date: June 25-26, 2009
Application deadline: March 1, 2009
More information... <>
Globalization and European integration: "The Nature of the Beast"
Venue: University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Date: June 5-6, 2009
Application deadline: March 15, 2009
More information... <,en/>
Argentine Society of Political Analysis, 9th National Meeting
Venue: Santa Fe City, Argentina
Date: August 19-22, 2009
Application deadline: April 1, 2009
More information... <>
The Empowerment of Civil Society in Urban Policies. For Whom? For What Projects?
Organizer: UNESCO Chair on Urban Policies and Citizenship
Venue: Porquerolles Island, France
Date: October 31-November 3, 2009
Application deadline: May 15, 2009
More information... <,en/>
*Job Postings:*
Professeur-e ordinaire en politique comparée (Genève, Suisse)
Professeur-e Assistant-e (Genève, Suisse)

Professeur adjoint en politique comparée (Genève, Suisse)
Post-doctorats en sciences politiques (Luxembourg)
English United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney - Postdoctoral
Fellowships 2009-2010
Chairs in International Governance, The Balsillie School of
International Affairs (Waterloo, Canada)

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